Ultrasonic Cleaners

STERIS Ultrasonic Cleaners offer powerful ultrasonic cleaning capabilities to reprocess a variety of surgical instruments from delicate ophthalmic, laparoscopic, to heavy orthopedic instruments. By choosing genuine STERIS OEM replacement parts for STERIS Ultrasonic Cleaners, you can be assured that each part is chosen based on the highest quality standards to promote compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure the Ultrasonic Cleaner functions at its best. Significant brand names of STERIS Ultrasonic Cleaners include Caviwave, InnoWave and Reliance.

  • AMSCO® Sonic Energy Cleaner
    AMSCO® Sonic Energy Cleaner
  • Caviwave Pro® Ultrasonic Cleaning System
    Caviwave Pro® Ultrasonic Cleaning System
  • Reliance®-Crest-Caviwave® Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Reliance®-Crest-Caviwave® Ultrasonic Cleaner