Arm Supports

STERIS arm supports are available in a variety of styles and attachment options for use in surgical settings. These armboards attach onto general and specialty surgical tables to help provide proper arm positioning for the patient during procedures. Select an arm support below to learn more and purchase on Shop STERIS.

  • Adjustable Height Armboard
    Adjustable Height Armboard
  • Anesthesia Armboards
    Anesthesia Armboards
  • IV Armboards
    IV Armboards
  • Armboard Holder
    Armboard Holder
  • Multi-Task Armboards
    Multi-Task Armboards
  • Multi-Axis Armboards
    Multi-Axis Armboards
  • Multi-Posture Armboards
    Multi-Posture Armboards
  • Krause Arm Support
    Krause Arm Support
  • Arm and Hand Tables
    Arm and Hand Tables
  • Schure Loc XPS Armboard
    Schure Loc XPS Armboard