View STERIS's electrosurgery porfolio, including the gi4000 Electrosurgery Unit and its related accessories. Shop for electrosurgery products used in endoscopic procedures requiring thermal therapies. Each product page features a full Item Number list to easily purchase products needed for your endoscopy suite.

  • ArC Smart™ Argon Coagulation Probe
    ArC Smart™ Argon Coagulation Probe
  • ArConnect® Argon Probe Connector
    ArConnect® Argon Probe Connector
  • Argon Gas Canisters
    Argon Gas Canisters
  • gi4000 Electrosurgery Unit
    gi4000 Electrosurgery Unit
  • GoCart Mobile Cart
    GoCart Mobile Cart
  • TouchSoft Coagulator® Monopolar Probe
    TouchSoft Coagulator® Monopolar Probe