Anesthesia Provider Accessories

Anesthesia provider accessories are designed to prepare surgical tables with the necessary equipment to properly give a patient anesthesia. Accessories like arm supports and ether screens help to make administering anesthesia care a safe and efficient process for both the patient and provider. Select a product to learn more and purchase on Shop STERIS.

  • STERIS Patient Warming System
    STERIS Patient Warming System
  • Over Body Blanket
    Over Body Blanket
  • Dual Articulating Headrest
    Dual Articulating Headrest
  • Toboggan Arm & Leg Guards
    Toboggan Arm & Leg Guards
  • Disposable A-Line Positioner
    Disposable A-Line Positioner
  • Flexible Anesthesia Screen
    Flexible Anesthesia Screen
  • Universal Ether Screen with Clark Socket
    Universal Ether Screen with Clark Socket
  • Winged Ether Screen #1401
    Winged Ether Screen #1401
  • Transducer Holder
    Transducer Holder
  • Hook & Loop Strap Rolls
    Hook & Loop Strap Rolls