Specialty Cleaning Chemistries

Shop for a variety of Specialty Cleaning Chemistries on Shop STERIS. Specialty Chemistries are designed to aid in the removal of surgical soils from a variety of instruments, endoscopes and more. Select a product below to repurchase a specialty cleaner or detergent. View a complete Item Number list to purchase the ideal product size.

  • Liqui-Jet® 2 Instrument Detergent
    Liqui-Jet® 2 Instrument Detergent
  • S-Klenz® Scale Remover
    S-Klenz® Scale Remover
  • ZolvStat™  Multi-Enzymatic Detergent
    ZolvStat™ Multi-Enzymatic Detergent
  • Liquid Descaler Acid-Based Scale Remover
    Liquid Descaler Acid-Based Scale Remover