Wire and Pin Management

STERIS proudly offers the broadest selection of high-quality K-wires and Steinmann pins, as well as dispensers, covers, cutters, and pliers for various procedures. Wires, pins, and twist drill bits are sold non-sterile. Choose dispensers or racks for sterilization and to help keep wires, pins, and drill bits organized for easy set-up in the operating room. Post-procedural accessories include protective covers (Pin Covers or ChiroKlip) for exposed wires.

  • K-Wires
  • Steinmann Pins
    Steinmann Pins
  • ChiroKlip™
  • Pin Covers
    Pin Covers
  • Dispensers
  • Sterilization Racks
    Sterilization Racks
  • Cutters and Pliers
    Cutters and Pliers
  • Twist Drill Bits
    Twist Drill Bits
  • K-Wire and Pin Gauge
    K-Wire and Pin Gauge