Instrument Protection

Instrument protection products, including caps, sleeves, and organizers, can help extend the life of surgical instruments by protecting them from damage during sterilization, storage, and transportation. Additionally, they can help prevent sharps injuries during handling. Select a product category below to learn more, view product details, and purchase online. 

  • Robotic Instrument Card
    Robotic Instrument Card
  • Round Caps
    Round Caps
  • Flat Caps
    Flat Caps
  • Osteotome Caps
    Osteotome Caps
  • Tapered Caps
    Tapered Caps
  • AirFlow® Caps
    AirFlow® Caps
  • Skin Hook Caps
    Skin Hook Caps
  • Self-Retaining Retractor Caps
    Self-Retaining Retractor Caps
  • Gelpi Retractor Caps
    Gelpi Retractor Caps
  • Twin Caps
    Twin Caps
  • MIS Caps
    MIS Caps
  • Instrument Sleeves
    Instrument Sleeves
  • Instrument Organizer
    Instrument Organizer