Clamps & Sockets

Surgical table clamps and sockets are designed to attach and position accessories to surgical tables. STERIS's offerings of clamps and sockets are available in a variety of durable styles. Browse products for purchase on Shop STERIS including siderail clamps, adapters, accessory clamps, and more.

  • 3-Way Adjustment Clamp
    3-Way Adjustment Clamp
  • CamLock Rail Clamp
    CamLock Rail Clamp
  • Clark Sockets
    Clark Sockets
  • Clip-On Blade Clamp
    Clip-On Blade Clamp
  • Clip-On Socket Clamp
    Clip-On Socket Clamp
  • Rail Clamp
    Rail Clamp
  • Schure Socket XL
    Schure Socket XL
  • Secure-Release™ Clamp
    Secure-Release™ Clamp
  • Siderail Locks
    Siderail Locks
  • Spar Accessory Clamp
    Spar Accessory Clamp
  • Standard Siderail Adaptor
    Standard Siderail Adaptor
  • Traction Accessory Clamp
    Traction Accessory Clamp
  • CMAX™ X-Ray Clamps and Sockets
    CMAX™ X-Ray Clamps and Sockets